Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Returning To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming OR The Beginning Of Tuesday Tasties

Ravi here.

Thanks for your patience, as we've had life happen to us in particularly painful ways the last few months or so. I have made a full recovery and plan on posting regularly... however, Indeah and I still need to discuss an actual schedule to stick to. Perhaps one day a week dedicated to stories, or interviews, tasties, etc. I promise to keep the alcoholic recipes to no more than 50% of total recipe volume. Because I know Indeah will kill me otherwise. Your liver may beat me to it.

In other news, I fought that same demon from last time (the biggest mistake one), and WON. Take that, foppish demon dude.

...you know what. I'm officially declaring Tuesday Tasties. (Please don't kill me Indeah) Every Tuesday (assuming I'm still living), I'm going to post a recipe or edible product (or Indeah can, if she likes this). I like food. Count me in.

Today, because I have effectively just made something up and have already promised to keep alcoholic content to 50% or lower, I will be providing a silly recipe that I have every intention of force-feeding to my friends because it is all the worst stereotypes of gamer grub in one fell swoop. Behold, courtesy of ramenlicious.com: Doritos Ramen Salad.

Because I know some of you are gonna just jump over that without even clicking, you at least need to see this picture.
Oh yeah, baby. Freaking delicious and nutritious. You know you want some of that.

YUMMY. Oh dear GOD! What the hell IS that?!

Hopefully, next week, I'll have the results of the taste tests. I predict dead friends, or stomach pumps.

Happy Rolling!

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