Saturday, January 29, 2011

Minor Tweaking and Fun Ways to Lose Friends

Ravi here.

So, Indeah and I realized that, during the week, we work and go to classes. For her, this means something along the lines of a 9-5.  For me, this means classes covering riveting topics. Seriously, I love some of my classes, but when you go to class from 8-6:30 and then you have homework that generally has nothing to do with what you learned in class or what you're going to use on the job, you start wondering where your time went and what your life has come to. Stop worrying, I am fine.  I have just been exposed to one too many problems involving electrons and mathematics and everything they teach you before calculus is a lie and when you get past calculus you find out that was a lie too...okay yeah, you get the idea. Ravi can't handle weektime updates.  So, we are going to keep Tuesday updates (which can be written over the weekend) and move the Thursday updates to Saturday (which can be written on Saturday).

So, for our first Saturday update, I'm going to tell you about a game called Dokapon Kingdom. Dokapon, a game for Wii by Atlus, is by far the most fun way to lose all your friends. You and a group of soon-to-be ex-buds are called upon, as adventurers, to save the Kingdom from monsters that have taken over the land and stolen all the cash. The object of the game? Screw over as many people as you can in the process of trying to be the richest jerk in the land so you can marry the princess.

I'm not kidding.

The graphics are great, and if you fall far enough behind, the game has built-in ways to level the playing field... not unlike Monopoly. Also like Monopoly, it takes forever to actually finish the game.

I am currently playing this game with one of my best friends and a group of friends... and I'm winning both games. I'm likely to either get monumentally screwed soon or lose said friends.

Happy Rolling, and I'll see you guys Tuesday.

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  1. That sounds really fun! Kinda similar to Munchkin in the the fact that you have to screw over everyone else to win. Totally something I would check out if I could ever get myself into console gaming.