Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ravi Likes Shiny Things.

Ravi here.

If you know me in real life, you know I LOVE to look at shiny things. She does. All you have to do is jingle your keys in a ray of light to get her attention. You also know I rarely wear them. However, occasionally something shiny will come along, and I will refer to this thing as "The Precious" until it is in my possession.  Then I will call it "My Precious."  It is an important distinction to make. The secret is Ravi is actually Gollum. Falling in a volcano does weird things to you.

Anyway, I recently was playing around on the internet, and something showed up in my advertisements.  It was THIS:

*puts on scholar's hat* This is an Irish claddagh ring. Typically, it's a ring signifying love, friendship and loyalty by depicting two hands clasping a heart that usually has a crown on it. Interesting fact: there are four distinct combinations of direction, finger and hand you wear it on that can be used to signify your relationship status. You can read more on Wikipedia.

If you've spent ANY time on the internet, you know EXACTLY what this looks like and why I want it.  I have trollish tendencies occasionally, after all.

I should leave hints for the boyfriend to get me this.  He IS Irish, after all...

Seriously, though, if you have no clue what I am talking about, just look around on the internet for a while.  Safe search on if you're scared, safe search off if you've got a strong stomach. Do not do this. This is horrible. Why would you suggest this? If you don't get the reference, for the love of god don't go looking!! Especially not with children in the room.

Sometime before the month is up, I will promise you... BOOZE! =D

Happy Rolling?

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