Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Achievement Unlocked: Broken DM

Ravi here.

I know we've talked about derailed sessions before, but there's a special level of derailed that happens when you manage to break the DM. And by break I mean incapacitate for the rest of the session due to laughter, stupidity, or some combination thereof. A couple of sessions ago, I had the wonderful privilege of breaking our poor DM.

Backstory: we had just accidentally woken up a really really old red dragon, and Indeah and I were rushing as fast as we could to warn some flying elves in the mountains. Of course, elves being elves, the archduke did not take us horribly seriously despite the fact that you could actually SEE the dragon and we were waving a couple of his enormous scales at anyone who would look. Someone manages to get some safety measures put up, while the archduke is accusing us of awakening the dragon for the express purpose of ruining his day. My character, being the hothead she is, was starting to retort angrily. Indeah, the smart one, covered my mouth and tried to make nice while the dragon circles closer and closer. Ravi generally continues to try to talk through her sister's hand, but to no avail. Eventually, the archduke orders his guards to "get these gibbering twits out of my sight!"

Of course, Ravi was having none of this. She threw off her sisters hand and shouted:


Aaaand that's how we ended the session early.

Happy Rolling!