Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As Promised...

Ravi here.

I promised drinks, and goshdarnit you're gonna get 'em.  Today's drink was originally designed and photographed by OXM UK, but I personally prefer the tutorial on The Drunken Moogle.  The Poison Arrow (so named after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) has a visual appeal that makes me want to take that shot anyway even though I KNOW I will regret it.

Isn't that beautiful?  Fair warning, though: that pretty design is caused by a curdling effect... you know, the reason you drink an Irish Car Bomb as fast as you can.  Personally, I plan on having a friend taste-test this before I down it myself.

Moogle says to put 1 part lime cordial in a glass, add a dash of grenadine to the top, then slowly pour in 1 part Bailey's (or other Irish creme) and use a straw to gently twist the curdling into that prettiness you see there.  (For directions with prettier wording, click the link to Moogle above!)

Expect an update, we don't have any lime cordial here, so I can't try this right away... I need to pick up a few other things at the local store attached to our local liquor shops, though, so soonish?

Next time Indeah lets me update, expect something some people may liek lotz.

Happy Rolling!

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