Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New GR20

Hello 2011 readers! It's the last year before the last year of the Aztec calendar, so let's make it rock. You saw Ravi's post on Tuesday with that...well, there's no words for that, except MMM DELICIOUS? but I think it barely qualifies as food. I actually think that falls under the Geneva Conventions' definition of torture. Maybe a little. However, it's the first of a few changes we're making around here.

We love D&D and tabletop games, but sometimes life gets in the way and we can't play. That doesn't mean we don't follow other nerdy or geeky exploits. So, we're expanding! GR20 will be writing about anything and everything in the realm of the geek. Video games, technology, comics, food - if it's geek, it's good.

Starting with our last post, every Tuesday we'll be posting something geek-food related. And we will change the name. It may be something horrible of severely questionable edibility to torment your friends with, like Doritos Ramen Salad. It may be a delicious treat to make for your friends with normal geek foods or an easy snack for your gaming group. At least once a month, Ravi will supply a drink recipe for the geeks who like to get adventurous (as well as drunk). Drink responsibly, geeks. No driving, no bad decisions, no dying. Unless it's in game, in character, with imaginary booze. That is PERFECTLY acceptable. We're still working on the name for this feature.

On Thursdays, for now, one of us will fill in with whatever has caught our attention that week in the world of the geek. If we find we're talking about a certain topic more often, we'll consider making a specific update day for it. For now, we hope you enjoy the new and hopefully improved GR20!

Happy rolling!

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