Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Late 50th Post and 51st Post Surprise!

Ravi here.

In honor of the 50th post/Tuesday, I present a cupcake cake.
Yes.  That is a full-sized cake made to look like a cupcake.  Yes, I used a pan.  Yes it was delicious.


After much deliberation (read: we can't cook that fast and I was seriously considering making everything from ramenlicious, then we had a brilliant idea [Namely, not doing anything from ramenlicious]), we have decided to make Tuesday no longer food-exclusive.  What we decided is much nerdier and much more epic.

INTRODUCING: Random Encounter Tuesdays
If you roll dice, this is fairly self-explanatory.  I make a table of possible topics to write on, we roll a d100, and whatever that number is on the table... well, that's the topic for the day.  I'm thinking we announce the topic the week before in order to give some time for us to find and/or write on our given subject matter.  Indeah can confirm or deny. Well, we're basically the DMs of this blog, and only the DM knows what the random encounters are going to be before they happen (unless someone's side-eyeing the Monster Manual.) Let's keep this to ourselves until the day of.

I should have the tables ready to go for next time... expect fudged rolls until we work out the bugs (we love you guys!).

I kinda want to post the finished table on the site, but I will ask for sissy's blessing first, so don't kill me if I deny you access. I don't see why not. Knock yourself out :)  Only we can know EVERYTHING, after all.

Happy Rolling!

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