Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everyone Wish Ravi Luck!

Happy Tuesday, readers! It has been an eventful week thus far, hasn't it? Big things happening on a worldwide scale, and a personal scale for me. Some good, some bad, but all pretty eventful. Also, I've been obsessively trying to take over China (details in my next non-food post. Hint: it's a video game). As a result, my kitchen is relatively clean. I really should change that. I'll scan around the internet for snacks for next time.

As for today, I'm forgoing food to wish Ravi GOOD LUCK! She's got her last final of college today! Knock 'em dead, sis! (but not literally. Just because you can use a person as a golfball in D&D doesn't mean you can or should in real life.)

Happy rolling!

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