Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are We Dead Yet?

Ravi here.

With all this talk of the end of the world being today, now you can be assured it is: I AM BACK AND I DIDN'T POST THE DAY AFTER.  I was kinda trying to graduate before, sorry.

Seriously, though, all this hooplah about the end of the world and the rapture and whatnot made me play apocalypse games... LOTS of apocalypse games.  My favorite as of right now is one Insectonator: Zombie Mode by Armor Games.  It's more of a rage outlet than an actual game, really, depending on your level mode.  The first 3 modes the game cycles through are "KILL TEH ZOMBIES RAAAARGH!!!" while the last mode is "SAVE YOUR GEMS FROM TEH EVIL ZOMBIES RAAAARGH!!!"  By now, you're probably wondering, "why on earth would I play such a pointless game?"  The answer is, "Because the squishy sound of a zombie being crushed by your toe is oddly satisfying."  Yes.  You can curbstomp a zombie.  You can also play darts with zombies, shoot zombies, blow up zombies, slice zombies, knock zombies over, play basketball with them, and even pick them up and use them to bludgeon other zombies back to hell.  Not bad, eh?

Until next time...

Happy Rolling!

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