Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Sure-Fire Monopoly Shortener

Ravi here.

During my quest to attain the coveted MUDKIP, I realized something: I HAVE NO SHOT GLASSES.  Needles to say, Side Quest Unlocked: Attain Shot Drinking Receptacles.

I searched far and wide for an appropriate set of shot glasses.  Walmart, Target, Party City, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls, Think Geek, Amazon... the list goes on for considerably longer than would make a good story.  While I ended up settling for the cheapest glasses I could find, many others caught my eye and have been placed in a magical "someday" list.  One such glass I actually sat down and thought of excuses to use it should it ever come into my possession.


I came up with a list of ways I would use this.

How Ravi would use these shot glasses:
Monopoly shortener - After turn 3ish, you won't be playing Monopoly anymore, or at least you will be playing A MORE FUN VERSION OF MONOPOLY.  (Seriously, though, if you do this, use something with a lower alcoholic content, like beer or hard lemonade, unless you really want the game to end at 3 turns.  No, really, you will DIE if you go too long with hard liquor, that's 2 shots PER TURN).
Roll for liver damage - Because if I don't say it, sissy will.
Encounter enhancer - My wolves roll damage with d6's.  Enough said.
Pick a drinking game - I don't think it even matters which game, you can make up at least 50 with these.
DM dice - For, you know, when I finally get around to hosting that game.

Yes, I have decided I really like these shot glasses.  Someday, when I have them, I will use them to do all of the above and review them so you all know whether or not you want these glorious ideas.

Happy Shots Rolling!

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