Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nerdy Noms: Bubbly Koolaid

Ravi here.

I know the title doesn't sound like much of a recipe, but, it goes in your mouth and you have to make it, also it is DELICIOUS.

This is an original "recipe," the idea for which originated while my boyfriend and I were having our not-valentine's dinner.  While sipping my glass of ginger ale, I thought to myself, "what if this ginger-ale were grape-flavored?"  Apparently, I had thought aloud, because, as soon as the thought crossed my mind, boyfriend ran to my cupboard and grabbed my Koolaid packets.  I vaguely remember thinking "this is what stoner zen moments must be like" as we huddled over a glass of ginger ale and poured the individual packet in.

The result?  Well, first the ginger ale outgassed.  A LOT.  Then we realized we needed to use a lot more ginger ale than we would have used water.  Otherwise, it was SPECTACULAR.  We were quite pleased.

Let me know how it tastes in other flavors!

Happy Rolling!

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