Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting Down with Dice

Back when we started this blog, I talked a little bit about the types of dice that are typically used to play tabletop games. They're a common accessory to the tabletop nerd and can be found in complete sets or mix-and-match in any gaming store. Dice themselves seem plain, only mixing up colors in their basic format, but if you want to get creative or show off your nerdiness, your dice can be so much more. Today, I'm showcasing three different ways to express yourself with your dice.

1. There's more than just the basic dice you get in those plastic boxes at a game store. There are metal dice, fuzzy dice, giant dice (and giant fuzzy dice), tiny dice, and even specialty dice (ex: Thorn Dice). If you know someone who works with wood, you might be able to round up a set of wooden dice. There's no better way to express yourself at the table than with special dice.

2. Deck yourself in dice jewelry (ex: here). You usually won't be able to roll it anymore after it's been converted to jewelry, but if it's tastefully design, you can show that you're a geek girl and you're not afraid to show it off with a little bling. (Did you hear DM wincing? Cause I did!) It's also something that with a few tools and a little handiwork, you can learn to make yourself.

3. Invest in a dice bag that shows you roll with the best (ex: here). The only thing that you can use to express your gamer side more than your dice would be your dice bag. Some people use Crown Royale bags, and there's plain or simply designed ones at any gaming store. Etsy has plenty of specialty bags as well (I've seen Dragon-shaped bags and Cthulu-shaped bags as well as the above link), and if you've got some talent with a needle or even a pack of iron-ons and an idea, you can personalize your own.

You've got plenty of options to personalize your dice and show off your gaming style. Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun; it's all about the game. (Also, Ravi, you just lost it.)

Happy rolling!

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