Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What We're Bringing to the Table

Pun intended. Totally

Since this blog is relatively brand spankin' new, we've got to do some figuring out of what we want to post here. Originally the plan was stories of playing and how to play, but I've come to realize that most likely, those of you interested enough to come read this already know how to play the game. So then, the question is, what kind of content will we be seeing? Here's what we've got so far.

1) Stories. Everyone loves to see stories from other people's games. Ravi and I only have so many stories to tell though. This will be completely open to reader submission. If you want us to tell a story from one of your games, email it to us and we'll post your story, with proper credit given, of course.
2) Tips and tricks. The longer you play tabletop RPGs, the more little details you pick up on that make things easier. There's also various playstyles, character creation methods, and items that make adventuring less stressful. Any kind of tips and tricks for making your game simpler (or more complex/sophisticated, really, whatever works), we'll share what we know. Same as with the stories, we'll also share what you know!
3) Cultural Reviews. D&D is incredibly versatile. It's a game that can be turned into anything, or anything can be put into it. The fact is, there's a lot of books, movies, tv shows (mainly cartoons), video games, and webcomics that either take directly after RPGs or can blend well into a game by the fantasy or sci-fi nature of the stories. Ravi and I will hunt these down and review them for you. Feel free to share here, too, because Ravi is lazy. *sigh* Lazy :P Fine, I'll do these. However, I'll be happy to take recommendations if you know of anything you'd like us to review.
4) Book Reviews. D&D, D20 system, Mongoose publishing, White Wolf, there's a metric ton of game books full of rules, classes, weapons, armor, gear, enemies, and anything you can imagine for playing tabletop games. Ravi and I will cover the basics of various playbooks and tell you what you need to know to know if it's one to add to your own collection.
5) Girls in Gaming. From as simple as a new player to as complex as the people behind the development teams, girls do game. We want to get to know them better, and what better way than through interviews? Volunteers?
6) Q & A. I've been playing D&D for 6 years, and Ravi for 3. We've got a collection of books and plenty of knowledge to answer questions you might have about any aspects of the game. And, since WotC no longer offers this support for any of its earlier editions of D&D, we can totally resolve disputes or offer our opinions.
7) Gaming In Real Life. For girls in touch with their creative side, we're willing to find or make unique costumes, foods and drink recipes, plushies, or whatever creative thing you can imagine that you can make yourself. I have recently come into possession of a wealth of mixable booze. Just throwing that out there. HINT HINT.
8) Unique Creation. We may not be developers, but we are willing and able to create and give you the stats for any unique items, monsters, or characters you'd like to see made for a game. Your input works here too. We've shamelessly abused the creativity of our DM on this front.

So far, these are the ideas we have for where we can take this wild ride. Readers, give us your opinions. Do any of these interest you? Is there anything not here that you want to see? Anything here that you do NOT want to see? Let us know, and have a hand and voice in the growth of this blog.

Happy rolling!

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