Friday, August 6, 2010

About Our Characters

Indeah is a Factotum/Rogue gestalt (Don't worry, we'll go over the classes and gameplay styles in future posts.) She's a down-to-earth girl, the strict and obedient one of the party who keeps the others in line. Regardless of how much Ravi dislikes it. She's the brains of the operation. She makes and updates the maps, researches the enemies, and owns the recon droid: a spider thief named Vizzini. When coming to a new city, Indeah promptly goes to the local library, establishing communication with whoever owns it. Her motivations are treasure, knowledge, and the safety of her teammates.

Where Indeah is the brains, Ravi is the muscle, and she's not content to use just her own muscle. Indeah's twin sister and the "younger" of the two, Ravi is the complete opposite of her sister: loud, brash, competitive, and can beat a dwarf at a drinking contest. And still take a drink after. She lives by the adage "Feed me, Fight me, F*** me, or Get out of my way." For the purposes of the safety of the general public, booze is also considered a food. In fact, for my purposes, it is a major food group. She's a Fighter/Ranger gestalt with prestige class levels in Beast Heart Adept. Ranger and BHA give her a legitimate pack of animals and monsters to travel and fight with. Currently her pack consists of a giant wolf named Westley (he's like a golden retriever in a horse-sized wolf's body), a worg named Buttercup (whose obsession with Westley is rivaled only by Ravi's obsession with one of the NPCs), and a manticore named Fezzik (who, although deadly, possesses the alignment of "yay hugs!"). When coming to a new city, she prefers to find the closest bar and establish communication with a bartender who likes to get paid to give her the weaknesses of men she'd like to take advantage of. Her motivations are usually her adage and the safety of her pets and teammates.

They may sound like a complete "odd couple" (understatement), but as twins, they know each other well and keep each other going, sometimes through mutual dislike of an opponent, sometimes through interest in a place to explore or a job that needs finishing, and sometimes, in Ravi's case, through "I did a bad thing and we kinda need to go now." I will admit it. This is usually the case.

But those are stories for another post. Happy rolling.

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