Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Infamous Random Encounter Table

Ravi here.

Aaaaand we're definitely back. I was definitely not sure that I'd make it through THAT dungeon. In any case, here's the table:

1: Ramenlicious
2-10: Food
11-19: Reroll
20-29: Review Something
30-39: Books n Booze
40-49: Around the Campfire
50-59: Toss Up!
60-69: Geek Gear
70-74: Anything Dice
75-79: Stat Something
80-89: GoGoGadget
90-94: Sister Pick
94-99: In-Character Post
100: Anything Goes

Sister A will roll a d100. The number on the d100 is the topic for next post. Sister A will then tell sister B that number, and sister B will proceed to write on that topic.

Ramenlicious: We will post about and possibly make something from Ramenlicious.
Reroll: We reroll and write about the next thing that comes up (duh).
Review Something: We will review something geeky, like a webcomic or a game.
Books n Booze: If it's Indeah's turn to write, you're gonna hear about books. If it's MY turn to write, you're gonna hear about booze. If I've already HAD booze, you might hear about both.
Around the Campfire: We tell you a tale about gaming.
Toss Up!: Roll 2 more times. Sister A tells sister B what she rolled. Sister B may pick or flip a coin.
Geek Chic: We'll write about stuff that we either have or like that is geeky. Like the d20 necklace that Indeah and DM gave me.
Anything Dice: If it's dice or dice-related, expect us to talk about it.
Stat Something: Ever wondered what the stats of the Killer Rabbit would be? It's kinda like that. Take something that amuses us, and stat it for a DnD game.
GoGoGadget: Nifty geek gadget articles go here.
Sister Pick: When sister A picks for sister B... and sister B hopes that she hasn't done anything to annoy sister A recently.
In-Character Post: When we post as if we are playing. It may terrify or amuse you. Or both.
Anything Goes: If I have to explain this, I'm gonna need more booze.

There you have it. Now I'm just gonna roll for Indeah...

Oh, she'll love this one.

Happy Rolling!

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